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Kentucky Wildlife Center, Inc. (KWC) is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit corporation dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating Kentucky native wildlife and to improving the welfare of wildlife through education.

  • For wildlife emergencies in Central Kentucky, please call the Kentucky Wildlife Center (mammals only) at (859) 280-3053.                        
  • For wildlife emergencies outside of Kentucky, please Click Here to go to Wildlife International.
  • Please Click Here for an overview on what to do if you find a baby wild animal.
  • For information on humane solutions to wildlife problems, please Click Here.
  • For simple ways you can help wildlife everyday, please Click Here.
  • To schedule an education program for your school or youth group, please call the Kentucky Wildlife Center at (859) 280-3053 or email at info@kywildlife.org . (Please do not use email for wildlife emergencies. Email is usually checked only once daily)
  • For more information about Kentucky Wildlife Center and our facilities, please Click Here.
  •  Kentucky Wildlife Center, Inc. is an all volunteer, nonprofit organization. We receive no funding from the state and rely solely on donations. For information on how you can donate, please Click Here.  100% of all donations directly benefit the animals.

Kentucky Wildlife Center specializes in orphan raccoons, groundhogs (woodchucks), and skunks.  However, we will take in other mammals including deer, foxes, opossums, beavers, squirrels, chipmunks, bobcats and coyotes.  For all other emergencies, please click on one of the links above, or call and we will try to find another rehabilitator to help you.

Kentucky Wildlife Center is located in Scott County (Georgetown) and serves the Central Kentucky area including the following counties:  Fayette (Lexington), Woodford (Versailles), Bourbon (Paris), Franklin (Frankfort), Jessamine (Nicholasville), Harrison (Cynthiana), Anderson (Lawrenceburg), Mercer (Harrodsburg) and Clark (Winchester).

If you find an orphan wild animal such as a baby raccoon,  baby groundhog, or baby skunk, please don't try to feed the baby.  Orphan animals must be rehydrated before any type of milk replacer is given.  Wildlife intakes are generally given fluids (such as Lactated Ringer Solution) for at least 24 hours.  Failure to do this significantly decreases the chances the baby will survive.  Also, wildlife rehabilitators have specific milk replacers for different species. For example, you NEVER give a wild animal cow's milk.  They are unable to properly digest it, and it can lead to bloating, diarrhea, further dehydration, and death.  Wildlife rehabilitators have the training, experience, and supplies needed for treating injured and orphaned wildlife.  The faster the baby receives the appropriate care, the better its chances of survival.

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