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Two species of foxes can be found in Kentucky: the red fox and the gray fox. Gray foxes are typically a little smaller than red foxes and will have a black tip on their tail (red foxes have a white tip on the tail).

Red foxes have the largest geographic range of any living carnivore and can be found throughout Kentucky. They are generally known for their distinctive amber to red coat, long black legs and bushy white-tipped tail. They are agile and elegant creatures that play an integral role in our ecosystem. They prefer fields, forest borders and open areas. Their diet consists mainly of small rodents and insects, but they are omnivores and will take advantage of wild fruits when they are available. Foxes are shy creatures and stay away from prey larger than themselves making their threat to humans minuscule.

Foxes are monogamous animals with both parents generally participating in rearing of the young. We went on a rescue where the female (vixen) had been hit by a car. When we finally located the den, we found several tiny kits with their eyes barely open. The male fox had been bringing them food....mice and rabbits...which unfortunately the little ones were too small to eat. But, it was very endearing to see.

Gray Foxes have salt and pepper gray coats with orange around their ears, back of head, neck and legs. They also have a black tip on their tail as opposed to the white tip of a red fox.  Gray foxes tend to prefer habitats that are more secluded such as forests and dense woodland.  They are typically more secretive than red foxes and are known for their extraordinary climbing ability.

Below are some of the foxes rescued and rehabilitated by the Kentucky Wildlife Center.



So grateful that you were able to take the two baby raccoons we found in our attic. I'm glad they were given a second chance at life.

Kathy -
Lexington, KY

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Kentucky Wildlife Center
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